Thrissur Pooram Festival

Every year, lakhs of people congregate around the temple precincts of Vadakunnathan Temple in Thrissur to witness one of India’s most colorful and magnificent festivals—the Thrissur Pooram. Pooram is the post-harvest festival of Kerala, which consists of assemblages of Gods and Goddesses in temples.

The most popular of the Pooram—the Thrissur Pooram—is the brainchild of Sakthan Thampuran (1751-1805), the erstwhile Maharaja of Cochin. He drafted and organized the lengthy proceedings of rituals running up to 36 hours to its minutest detail.

The festival begins with the ceremonial unfurling of the temple flag. Ten temples—the Paramekkavu side and Thiruvambady side—begin their ezhunnellippu or procession to Vadakunnathan temple to pay obeisance to Lord Shiva.

Each temple sends its contingent of elephants attired in nettipattam or head-décor. The groups enter the temple through the Western Gopuram and exit through the Southern Gopuram, where Pandimelam or the drum concert attends them.

The Paramekkavu side and Thiruvambady side come face to face in a massive showdown with Kudamattam, or the competitive display of colorful umbrellas and paraphernalia on the elephants accompanied by the rising crescendo of drums and cymbals.

The program ends with a massive fireworks display in the morning and the deities returning to their respective abodes. The Thrissur Pooram is an exemplary display of Indian cultural and spiritual traditions that weave into the inner lives of the people.

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