Selecting Right Ganesha Idols for Home and Gifts

Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, symbolizes happiness and prosperity. The devotees keep an idol of Ganesha at Home for worshipping in their puja room or other suitable places at Home as Ganesha brings good fortune.

Sometimes people prefer to gift the idol of Ganapati to friends or families as a sign of lucky charm, especially at housewarming ceremonies and other ceremonies such as buying the first car, starting a business venture, etc. Sitting, left-facing Ganesha of white color without architectural defects is generally considered good for home and gift purposes.

There are lots of idols in the market places. Choosing the right idol is very important as it can affect you mentally and financially. In this post, we have outlined Vastu principles and Vedic traditions of selecting the right idols of Ganesha.

Right Ganesha for Home

No Architectural Defects 

Pay attention to details while observing the statue of Lord Ganesha. Never buy a broken or damaged Ganesha statue, even if you get a discount. Broken or damaged idols will only invite bad lucks to your Home. If you broke or damaged Lord Ganesha’s piece while bringing it home, you should not keep that idol in your Home. If you want to place it in your Home, immerse it in water bodies.

Always pay attention to the carvings; the idol of Ganesha should have his vehicle (Vahan) mouse and his favorite sweet, modak (sweet). The mouse represents material desire that can be ridden but should never disturb the peace of mind. Sweets represent not getting distracted by material pleasure; hence, they’re left untouched.


Both sitting and standing idols of Ganesha are okay for Home but never buy the idol of Ganapati in a dancing posture. The sitting Ganesha idol, Lalitasana, represents a calm but determined demeanor. This is the exact kind of energy we want in our home.

As per Vastu experts, a seated idol of Ganesha is a perfect choice to keep in your Home or office, and it will create a harmonious vibe. Reclining Ganesha is also considered auspicious for placing in the house if you desire a luxurious, comfortable, and rich life.

Artistic representations of Ganesha (Ganesha leaning on a pillow, playing table, or lying down on a banana leaf) can be used as gift items and as home decors but are not suitable for puja rooms as they are not meant for worship.

Dancing Ganesh idols, also called Natraj Ganesha or Nritya Ganesha, should not be given even as a gift unless the person receiving the gift is very creative. It is believed that keeping such idols in the puja room or giving them as gifts is not considered good.

Position of the Trunk 

While buying the idols of Ganapati, ensure that you pay close attention to the trunk.  Left facing Ganapati (Dakshin Mukhi Ganapati) is auspicious to keep in the house. Choose the Ganesha Idol with his trunk facing towards the left side. It is believed that Ganesha, with his trunk towards the left, can be pleased very easily and with a regular puja and little offerings. Such images are auspicious for Home as they attract and generate positive energy.


White Lord Ganesha is auspicious for Home (Source)

A white idol of Lord Ganesha is the preference of Vastu experts as it brings harmony, peace, and prosperity. Depending upon your needs or desired results, you may also bring other types of Ganapati at home.

Color of GaneshaWhy Worship
White GaneshaPeace and prosperity
Vermillion colored (Sindoori Swaroop) GaneshaSelf-growth, positive energy, and success
Silver GaneshaFame and fortune
Wooden GaneshaGood luck
Copper GaneshaGood luck to couples trying to start a family
Seated Idol of Lord Ganesha in brassClam and Peace

Number of Idols

Vastu experts recommend not keeping more than one statue of Ganesha at home. It is believed that more than one idol negates positive energy flow, creates a clash of ideas, and overwhelms Riddhi Siddhi.


The idols come in all sizes and shapes, and the perception of devotees regarding the best size of idols for worship at home is not consistent. Devotee citing Hindu scripture like Agam Shastras, recommends that idol/s used by an individual to be worshipped at home should be of “angushtha pramaan” or less. Some scripture says that the idol we worship at home should be the size of Vitasti which means the size of our palm.

Generally, people agree that the size of the idol we worship at home should not be taller than 18 cm. There is no restriction on the size of idols bought for decoration, but one should bring the idol’s size according to the size of his home.

If you have bought the statue of Ganapati and are trying to find which place at your home will be suitable, read this article: Where to Place Lord Ganesha at Home?

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