Where to Place Lord Ganesha at Home? 

If you have got Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed god, as a gift or bought it for worshipping or for the decoration of your home and are searching where I should keep the Lord Ganesha to maximize the blessings of Ganapati, you came to the right place. Lord Ganesha is the god of auspicious beginning and is the first deity worshipped in Hindu ceremonies.

Idols need to be placed appropriately to strengthen the vibrations of bliss and success. An idol of Ganapati should be kept in the north-east, north, or west directions in the living room, study table, or puja room, but do not keep it in the south direction and also in the bedroom, bathroom, or any other dark places in the home. 

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Auspicious places to Keep Lord Ganesha at Home

The right placement of the idols attracts an abundance of wealth and good health and removes all obstacles. People bring idols of Ganapati at home, wishing to get happiness, joy, and prosperity, but most of them usually keep idols somewhere in the corner of the house or puja rooms without following certain simple rules of Vastu so they fail to get desired effects.

In this article, you can find tips and ideas about the right placement of Lord Ganesha’s idol at home to witness a positive transformation in your life.

Appropriate Direction

Lord Ganesha idols should be placed in the north-east, north, or west direction. North is the direction of growth and prosperity, and the north-east direction is the zone of clarity of mind, insights, and ideas. Lord Shiva, the father of Lord Ganesha, resides in the north direction, so it is considered highly auspicious if Ganesha’s idol faces the north direction. It is believed that the energies in your house will automatically transform if you keep Ganapati’s idols in these directions.

Proper placement of Lord Ganesha at Home (Source)

People keep a white idol of Ganesha in the right direction seeking harmony and wealth. It is auspicious to keep the idol’s face in the north direction and the back towards the main entrance. Never place Ganapati facing the entrance of the house and his back towards the rest of the house.

Living Room

One can set the idol of the elephant god in the living room to guard off the negative energy entering your home. It is believed that the Idols of Lord Ganesha situated in the living room help to maintain harmony in the house. 

Study Table

Ganesha is the God of intelligence and can help you to focus better. So, for the students, the most important place for Lord Ganesha is on your study table.

Puja Rooms

Keeping Lord Ganesha at Home

You should always keep the idol of Lord Ganesha on the elevated platform in your Puja room.

Choosing the right idol of Lord Ganesha is as important as placing it. Find more about Selecting Right Ganesha Idols for Home and Gifts

Where not to put Ganesha idol as per Vastu

At the entrance of Home

The statue of Lord Ganesha should not be kept at the entrance of the home, though you can see his statue at the entrance of Temples. Ganesh Ji is not the guard or gatekeeper of your house. According to Hindu legend, when Goddess Parvati kept Ganesh Ji as gatekeeper, a misunderstanding ensued between him and his father, and Lord Mahadev beheaded him and later replaced his head with the head of an elephant.

So, people who keep the statue of Lord Ganesh at the entrance may have to bear similar consequences.


Keeping Lord Ganesha’s idol in the south direction is not advisable because it can do more harm than good.

Bed Room

Vastu Shastra prohibits keeping the idol of Lord Ganesha in one’s bedroom. It is believed that keeping an idol in the bedroom could lead to discord in one’s married life. Ganesha’s idol or Ganapati’s picture should not be used as a wall hanging in the bedroom.


Never place the idol of Lord Ganesha near the washroom or toilet or a wall adjoined to the washroom.

Other places

Places like garages, storerooms, below the staircase, garages, or any other dark areas in your rooms are not considered suitable to place a statue of Lord Ganesha. According to Vastu, these places are vacant and inauspicious for keeping an idol.

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