108 Popular Names of Lord Shiva with Their Meaning

Lord Shiva is one of the most significant Vedic gods included among the Trinity of Gods; the others two are Vishnu and Brahma. Brahma assists in creating the world, Vishnu maintains it, and Shiva helps in its annihilation.

Names of Lord Shiva

Shiva is known by many different names according to his function. Here are the 108 names of Lord Shiva with their meaning.

Lord Shiva’s Names Starting with A and B

Aashutosh One who instantly fulfills wishes
Adiguru The first Guru
Adinath The first Lord
AdiyogiThe first Yogi
AjaThe unborn
AkshayagunaThe one with limitless qualities
AnaghaThe faultless one
Anant DrishtiOf infinite vision
AugadhOne who reveals all the time
BhairavDestroyer of fear; Bhairava is the terrible, destructive aspect of Shiva.
BhalanetraOne who has an eye in the forehead
BhimaThe tremendous
BholenathThe simple one
Bhooteshwara (Bhuteshvara) or BhuteshaOne who has mastery over the elements; Lord of ghosts or elements
BhudevaLord of the earth
BhutapalaProtector of the disembodied beings
ChandrapalMaster of the moon
Chandraprakash One who has a moon as a crest
ChandrashekharaLord of the Crescent Moon

During the time when the demons and demigods were churning the ocean of milk, many objects started to be produced from it. One was the moon, which Shiva took and placed in his hair. This cresent-shaped moon in the head of Lord Shiva represents the passing of time. The crescent moon also signifies the happiness of life, especially when it is based on a spiritual purpose. Because of this ornament, Lord Shiva has many names that begin with chandra. Some of the popular names are; Chandrapal, Chandraprakash, Chandrashekhara, etc.

Lord Shiva’s Names Starting with D, G, J, and K

DakshinamurtiA universal teacher
DayaluThe compassionate one
Devadi DevaThe god of gods
DhanadeepaLord of wealth
DnyandeepThe light of meditation
DhyutidharaLord of brilliance
DigambaraThe one who wears the sky as his raiment
DurjaneeyaDifficult to be known
DurjayaThe unvanquished
GangadharaBearer of the river Ganga
GirishaMountain lord
GirjipatiConsort of Girija
GunagrahinAcceptor of Gunas
GurudevaThe great Guru Hara, Remover of sins
HaraRemover of death
Isha or IshanThe ruler
JagadishaMaster of Universe
JaradhisamanaRedeemer from afflictions
JatinThe one with matted hair
JatadharaWearer of matted hair
KailashdhipatiLord of Mount Kailash
KailashnathMaster of Mount Kailash
KamalakshanaLouts-eyed lord
KapalinOne who wears a necklace of skulls
KedarnathLord of Kedar
KochadaiyaanThe lord of long dreadlocks
KundalinOne who wears earrings

According to Vedic literature, when the heavenly Ganga River was descending onto the Earth, the weight of its force would have crushed the world, so Lord Shiva accepted it on his head (Gangadhar), wherein it stayed until it was ready to be released. Ganga river is considered the foot wash of Lord Vishnu. The presence of Ganga water in the head of Shiva represents the flow of knowledge and devotion to God.

Lord Shiva Names starting with L, M, and N

LalatakshaOne who has an eye in the forehead
LingadhyakshaLord of linga
LokankaraCreator of three worlds
LokapalOne who takes care of the world
MahabuddhiExtreme intelligence
MahadevaGreat God
MahakalaThe lord of time
MahamayaCreator of great illusions
MahamrityunjayaOne who has boundless energies
MahanidhiGreat storehouse
MahashaktimayaOne who has boundless energies
MahayogiGreatest yogi
MaheshaSupreme lord
MaheshwaraLord of Gods
MritunjayaConqueror of death
NagabhushanaOne who has serpents as ornaments
NatarajaKing of the art of dancing. Nataraja is one of the most beautiful forms of Lord Shiva.
NilakanthaThe Blue-throated one
NityasundaraEver beautiful
NrityapriyaLover of Dance

Severe poison is another object that appeared from the churning. Shiva drank to keep it from spreading and killing gods. However, Parvati, being alarmed at this, grabbed his throat so it could not go down, which made his throat turn blue so the name Nilkantha.

Lord Shiva Names starting with O, P and R

OmkaraCreator of OM
PalanhaarOne who protects all
PanchananaFive-faced (which corresponds to the five activities of Shiva; creation, preservation, destruction, concealing grace, and
revealing grace.
ParameshwaraFirst among all gods
ParamjyotiGreatest splendor
PashupatiLord of all living beings. Pashupati also means the herdsman or friend of animals.
PinakinOne who has a bow in his hand
PranavaOriginator of the primal sound of OM
PriyabhanktaFavorite of the devotees
PriyadarshanaOf loving vision
PushkaraOne who gives nourishment
PushpalochanaOne who has eyes like flowers
RavilochanaHaving Sun as the eye
RudraThe Roares; lord of tears

It is said that Rudra came out from the eyebrows of Lord Brahma and the child immediately started crying, so Lord Brahma named him Rudra (because he cried so anxiously). Rudra is viewed as the protector of humanity against its enemies. He is often shown as tall, well built, with long hair, wielding the thunderbolt with bow and arrow.

Lord Shiva Names starting with S

SadashivaThe Transcended one
SanatanaThe Eternal God
SarvacharyaThe Supreme Teacher
SarvashivaThe Eternal Lord
SarvatapanaPreceptor of All
SarvayoniAlways Pure
SarveshwaraLord of All
ShambhoThe auspicious one
ShambhuAbode of joy
ShankaraLord of All Gods; giver of joy
ShantahPreceptor of Skanda
ShoolinGiver of Joy
ShreshthaLord of the Moon
ShrikanthaAlways Pure
ShrutiprakashaThe one who has a trident
SkandaguruIlluminator of the Vedas
SomeshwaraOne who has a pure body
SukhadaThe giver of joy

Shiva in his form as Shambhu represents the symbol of masculine mundane procreation. In his role as Shambhu, he is the principle by which Maha-Vishnu impregnates the material nature with the seeds of innumerable living entities. With this form Lord Shiva has been associated with the material energy, otherwise, he has no association with the material energy.

Lord Shiva Names starting with T, U, and V

TejaswaniOne who spreads illumination
TrilochanaThree-eyed Lord
TrilokpatiMaster of all the three worlds
TripurariDestroyer of the ‘Tripur’ (the 3 planets created by Asuras)
TrishoolinOne who has a trident in his hands
UmapatiConsort of Uma
UgraThe fearful
VachaspatiLord of Speech
VajrahastaOne who has a thunderbolt in his hands
VaradaGranter of Boons
VedakartaThe originator of the Vedas
VeerabhadraSupreme Lord of the Nether World
VishalakshaWide-eyed Lord
VishveshwaraLord of the Universe
Vishwanath/VisvanathaMaster of the Universe
VrishavahanaOne who has the bull as his vehicle

Lord Shiva has got a couple of names such as Bhalanetra, Kamalakshana, Lalataksha, Pushpalochana, Ravilochna, Trilochana, Vishalaksha because of his eyes and the unique presence of a third eye in between his eyebrows on his forehead. It is said that his third eye represents the eye of wisdom or inner sight. The other two eyes represent the balance form of love and justice. This, Lord Shiva, is not too harsh nor too lenient but views everything with the proper proportions of love, justice, and insights.

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