Kurma Avatar: The Second Incarnation

Kurma was Vishnu’s incarnation as a tortoise. He chose this form to assist the demigods and demons in the churning of the ocean (Sagar Manthan).


In the eons past, when the cosmos brimmed with celestial beings and demons, the demigods experienced a crisis. The mighty sage Durvasa Muni, in a fit of wrath, cursed the demigods, stripping them of their power. The curse worked swiftly, weakening the demigods and emboldening the demons. Faced with an unprecedented challenge, the demigods sought refuge in the Lord of the Universe, Vishnu.

Understanding their plight, Lord Vishnu, in his infinite wisdom, offered a solution. “Do not engage in direct conflict with the strengthened demons,” he advised. “Instead, make allies with them and collaborate in churning the Milk Ocean. From this endeavor, the nectar of immortality will emerge.”

The divine plan unfolded with meticulous details. The ocean was to be churned with Mandara Mountain as the rod and Vasuki, the mighty serpent king, as the churning-rope. The demons, once adversaries, agreed to partake in this cosmic venture. They journeyed to Mandara Mountain, uprooting the golden peak and carrying it to the vast ocean. 

Kurma Avatar

Enticed by the promise of a share in the nectar, Vasuki agreed to serve as the churning-rope.

As the churning commenced, unforeseen conflicts arose. The demons, suspecting deception, demanded the serpent’s mouth end. Chaos ensued, and the massive Mandara Mountain, unsupported in the water, sank to the ocean floor. Desperation gripped both demigods and demons alike.

In this dire moment, the Supreme Lord Vishnu manifested in a unique form – Kurma, the divine tortoise. Swiftly, Kurma submerged beneath the ocean, lifting Mandara Mountain upon his sturdy back. The mountain’s weight felt like a mere scratch on Kurma’s celestial shell as he effortlessly upheld it.

Resuming the churning, the divine tortoise provided the support needed for the cosmic endeavor. Yet, as the mountain moved back and forth across Kurma’s back, a dangerous consequence emerged – a vast amount of poison. This poison named Halahala was so potent that it threatened the very fabric of the universe, oozed from the churning depths.

The terrified demigods and demons rushed to Lord Shiva, the great ascetic, and implored him to avert the catastrophe. Unfazed by the danger, Lord Shiva fearlessly consumed the ocean of poison. As the toxic substance coursed through his divine form, his neck turned a radiant shade of blue. Some remnants of the poison fell to the earth, giving rise to venomous snakes, scorpions, and poisonous plants.

Lord Vishnu’s Second Incarnation played a pivotal role in this cosmic drama, as Kurma the tortoise. His selfless act of supporting Mandara Mountain and the subsequent events in the ocean’s churning revealed the eternal dance of creation, preservation, and sacrifice that shaped the universe’s destiny.

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