Ganesha Idols for Car: Selecting the Right Type

If you have recently bought a car and are looking for options to decorate the car dashboard while increasing positive vibrations in the car, installing an idol of Lord Ganesha can be one of the best options. People place idols of gods and symbols like OM, Swastik, Trident (Trishul), and Maruti yantra on the dashboard of their car to arrange car for positivity and ward off negative energy from inside a vehicle.

According to Hindu traditions, keeping God deity in your car brings good luck. Ganapati idols for vehicles are the most preferred option among all. Planting a small idol of Lord Ganesha (also known as Vighnaharta) on your car’s dashboard will radiate positive energy inside the vehicle. This will help you tackle obstacles in your journey, increase the level of concertation and assure you of a safe and joyous journey. 

According to Vastu Shastra, keeping a small idol of Ganapati in a car is most auspicious, and Ganapati idol for a car gives the much-needed reassurance of a safe trip. Placing the Idol on a car dashboard is also a way of seeking the Lord’s blessings every time we step out of our home and drive the car for family or business trips.

You need to follow a few rules while buying the Lord Ganesha idol for the car dashboard and installing it. 

Posture of Lord Ganesha 

There are different varieties of Ganesh idols available in different postures. Choose Ganesha in a seated position, showing that he is in a relaxed frame of mind and reassuring. Please avoid reclining Ganesh idols as they are not suited for cars. Reclining models of Lord Ganesha depict a posture of rest, leisure or lack of activitiy, so avoid choosing such idols for your car.

Color of Lord Ganesha 

White-colored ides of Ganesha are epitome of peace and tranquility. Saffron-colored Ganesh idols can also be installed to ward off negative energies.

Size of Ganapati 

Different shapes and sizes of idols create different kinds of energy structures. When choosing an idol for your car, make sure you keep in mind its size. The size should be such that it would fit snugly in a visible space and yet not look overbearing.

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Placement inside a car dashboard 

Place the Idol perfectly in the designated space in your car. Else a sudden jerk while driving can make it fall off.

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Ganapati’s Trunk Position 

When you see a beautiful idol of Lord Ganesha with its own set of ornate carvings and decorations, do not get carried away by its immediate appeal; instead, pay close attention to the position of the trunk. Ganesha idol with a trunk turning towards the left is suitable for installing in cars. Such idol represents Ida nadi and the moon, thus the feminine or cool/relaxed side of our personality.

Only one Idol in each car 

Please install only one Idol in each car. Placing more than one Idol of Ganesha on the car dashboard may upset Riddhi Siddhi and create confusion while making decisions.

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