Adiyogi Statue: Bring Home the Idols of Shiva

Isha center sells five types of Adiyogi statues; these are miniature replicas of 112 feet tall Adiyogi Shiva statue located in Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

Watch Sadhguru explaining the relevance of Adhiyogi

Tallest Statue of Adiyogi

This Adiyogi statue is the replica of the 112ft bust of the Adiyogi in the Isha Yoga Center. The bust of this statue is made of aluminum, and the accessories (crescent moon, earrings, and serpent) are made of copper. The beads of Rudraksha Mala worn by the Adiyogi are consecrated in Dhyanalinga.

Statue Details

MaterialMetal (Aluminum and Copper)
PriceINR 175,000
Height27 inches
Length36 inches
Breadth20 inches
Weight58.1 kgs

12 Inch Adiyogi Statue

This beautiful 12-inch miniature version is a beautiful replica of the Adiyogi statue. Made with metal, this statue looks elegant with a crescent-shaped moon, earrings, serpent, and the rudraksha. You can place this statue at your home or office desk or git to your near or dear ones.

Statue Details

MaterialMetal (Aluminum and Copper)
PriceINR 13,750
Height12 inches
Length17 inches
Breadth8.5 inches
Weight6.53 kgs

6 Inch Adiyogi Statue

Statue Details

MaterialMetal (Aluminum and Copper)
PriceINR 4,950
Height6 inches
Length8 inches
Breadth4 inches
Weight1 kg

5.5 Inch Adiyogi Statue

This Adiyogi panel is made of metal and is black with white-painted vibhuti. The front outline of the Adiyogi statue can be seen in the metal panel, and “Adiyogi” is embossed in the middle of the base. This idol is perfect for placing on your table or gifting to your loved ones on special occasions.

Statue Details

PriceINR 600
Height5.5 inches
Length6.8 inches
Base Width1.5 inches
Thickness0.15 inches

4 Inch Adiyogi Statue

This beautiful 4-inch miniature replica of the Adiyogi statue is a perfect idol to place on the table or car dashboard. Made using plastic material, this nicely crafted is lightweight (200 grams only). This beautiful idol costs INR 250 only.

Comparison of Adiyogi idols of different sizes

Height4 Inch5.5 inch6 inch12 inch2 Feet 5 Inch
Price (INR)2506004,95013,750175,000
Length6.8 inch8 inch17 inch36 inch
Breadth/base width 1.5 inch4 inch8.5 inch20 inch
Weight250 gm310 gm1 kg6.53 kg58.1 kg

Taking care of Adiyogi Statue

Clean or Wipe it with a clean, dry cotton cloth from time to time.

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